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Peer Support

Service Description

Peer support is the process of giving encouragement or assistance to overcome a challenge in life by someone with lived experience. Your session is confidential and secure. It is guided by you and your needs, whether you just need to vent or want advice. Your peer counselor is not a licensed therapist and should not be a replacement for professional treatment. **Please take time to read the bio below to pick the Peer Counselor best for you** Kaydin: I have a nurturing yet often sarcastic or brunt approach to the way I give feedback. I like to problem solve in real time, finding systems that fit you and your lifestyle. I am looking forward to meeting you wherever you're at on whatever journey you might be on. -Entrepreneurship -LGBTQ+ & Polyamory -Money/Budget Management -Service Dog Relate Issues -Disabilities (Focus on Neurodivergence) -Single Foster Parenting Davy: I am disabled service dog handler who identifies as queer, trans nonbinary, and polyamorous. My dog is multipurpose for mobility and medical/psych response. I work in home caregiving, media management, consulting, captioning, and running my small business. I'm here to support you however you may need. Some of my areas of expertise include: -Autism -Conflict -Education -LGBTQ+ -Mental Health -Paganism -Self Care Allison: ​I have an approach that ranges from being very motherly, to humorous and sarcastic, or blunt and direct. It all depends on the situation and what type of support and comfort you are looking for. I prefer to offer comfort and advice in real time, then follow up with written resources, systems and processes to try via email. This allows me to gather additional information and gives you a solid document detailing everything, so you don’t have to worry about missing or forgetting anything. I look forward to speaking to you and helping in any way I can! -Parenting -Marriage -ADHD, anxiety, and depression -Diagnosis and medication management process -Religious trauma -Conflicts due to different opinions or ideals -Life adjustments for school or careers -Getting a “late start” in life (choosing a career or college later than the “norm”) -Problems with bullying or being bullied -Creative blocks and using art to cope

  • 30 min
  • 25 US dollars

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