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A Sneak Peak Into Our Testimonials


"Keeping thirty students engaged and entertained is no easy task, but that’s what Hamilton at your Service did when she came by to teach us about service dogs and proper etiquette. Despite us having students ranging from Kindergarten to 8th grade, she was able to present the materials in such a way that both our youngest students and our oldest students were interested and enjoyed the lesson. Even with sensitive topics such as disabilities, Kaydin was able to foster real conversations about the important role that service dogs serve in our society. Of course, everyone’s favorite part was petting her beautiful service dog, but only once she had made it clear that most dogs should be left alone while working. I highly recommend Kaydin and her workshop to any groups interested in learning about service dogs or anyone wanting to teach their students something new. We look forward to working with her again!" -Christian Dunn, Director at Old School Tutoring

Customer-Based Business

"Hamilton and his lovely assistant Kaydin, provided Dream Catcher Stables, Inc with a workshop bringing us up to speed on the do's, don'ts and requirements of service and emotional support dogs at a business. Kaydin was very thorough in her presentation. Her knowledge and information were not only up to date but covered my original questions completely. Indeed I was surprised by some of her do's and don'ts and extremely pleased with the packet of information she provided. Hamilton worked appropriately around our herd of horses and had obviously been well trained as a service dog. This is one team who will "keep you legal" in our age of challenges and lawsuits." -Sanna Roling, President of Dream Catcher Stables, Inc


"We always had the same monthly happy hour event but we were looking to change it up and that's when we found HAYS. It was the perfect blend for us! It didn't feel like a workshop but more of a collaborate environment where we couldn't stop laughing. It was truly a memorable experience." -James Haul, Therapy Clinic Office Manager

Consulting/ Liaison

There is a multitude of things that I can say about Hamilton at Your Service: Personable, Professional, Detail Oriented, and passionate! Kaydin from Hamilton at Your Services never steered away from our needs the moment she reached out her hand to help us! My daughter is the little girl that was attacked by the Pitbull in the restaurant that was falsely posed as a service animal. Ever since the attack, Kaydin stepped in and made the transition into finding the right lawyer, court meetings and media presences absolutely seamlessly! Kaydin kept our little family a priority, she made sure that not only where we informed of everything that pertained to our case but that we were well informed about the ADA laws and regulations about current service animals in the State of Texas! Hamilton At Your Service has completely superseded our expectations! They were no more than a text or call away. They were there for a strong emotional support system and legal advice. When moments got tough and still are from time to time, they are there with an unbiased opinion and advice from our lawyers, friends and family. We all need someone like Hamilton at Your Service in our corner! Someone to fight on the side of you and your family or to provide all the necessary and important information to make you more knowledgeable of everything pertaining to Service animal rights and regulations. Thank you Kaydin and Hamilton at Your Service, we will Forever be Thankful! -Cleveratta & James Waldroup, Client 2021


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